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1) What is the best selling product in HOKIN?
At present the best selling product in our factory is LED Tube. Meanwhile we develop other kinds of LED Indoor Lights such as LED Bulbs, LED Par Lights, LED Downlights etc. and most of which had passed CE Certification. We have established a strict quality-controlling system based on ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2000 to ensure our Product Quality.

2) What about the price of your products?
HOKIN definitely is the company which sells the products at reasonable price and we are the manufacturer not trading company so we provide not only the competitive price but also we can do the special lightings as to customers’ demand. We have our own developing department and professional engineers to ensure our company have new and innovative products. Meanwhile, we never use dip LEDs for the assembly which has lower cost but will have poor lifespan. We adopt SMD Chips for our LED Tubes / LED Par Lights and LED Bulbs etc.

3) What is the main market of HOKIN?
Most of our LED Lights are sold to Europe and North America because these 2 markets are quite in need of Energy Saving Products and have high quality standard of LED Lights. But we are also developing other new markets because the LED Products are the future trend and we are optimistic about the markets for our Products. Also we will develop other potential markets such as Asian regions.

4) What kind of LED Chips do you usually use for your LED Lights?
We can use the kind of LED Chips as to customers requirements, if for high power LED Chips, we mainly use Edison Chips or Semi Chips, also we can use Cree LEDs if you required for super high quality Lights. In view of meeting the demand of different levels of customers, we also consider adopting more muti-chip LED brands but also have to ensure the quality with cheaper cost so that you can have more choices for promoting your sales.

5) What is HOKIN lead time?
As to Samples, usually it takes 1 week and as to orders, we ship them in 2 weeks but it will take a little longer time if with more quantity. But if with not standard products, it will takes longer time maybe 3 weeks.

6) What is your Warranty for LED Lights?
We have 2, 3 and 5 years Warranty for different kinds of product. As to Samples, usually it is 2 years warranty and if Orders, it depends on our detailed Agreement and Quotation if it is 3 years or 5 years warranty. During the period of warranty, if customers have the approval showing product quality issues and if certified by HOKIN engineers, we would request customers to ship back the failure parts and replace new items with the transportation charged being paid by us. Or we can ship spare parts to you if you can repair them but it depends on your demand and requirement, we will try our best to meet your requirements.

7) Does HOKIN design its own products?
Yes, HOKIN designs and assembles all the products we are selling. We have our own engineer department, they have a good command of optics, electronics, mechanicals and thermal managements as well as LED technology. Some of them have successful experience to design lighting products for world famous brands such as Philips and Semi-LEDs. Our main target is to develop 1 kind of new and novelty LED Lights in 2 months to meet the promoting LED momentum.

8) How to buy HOKIN products?
We have our own ad. platforms such as Alibaba, Global Sources and Mde-in-China. You can search the above 3 ads. And send Enquiry to us directly then we will contact you asap. Or you can browse our website and send E-mailto our sales directly at sales@hokinled.com and our sales will reply to you within 12 hours. Also you can make a phone call to us, it is the most directly and conveniently.



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