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LED Tube

Our New Generation LED Tube Lights have the following characteristics: high brightness, low power consumption, free from flicker and with cold light source. It can save 60-70 percent of energy compared with traditional fluorescent tube light. Compared with traditional tube, 1 pc of our LED Tube can save 680°of power consumption if lighting for 20000 Hours.

The LED tube light is top class indoor-use lighting fixture. We adopt high bright SMD5050 & SMD3528 as tube light source with wide illuminate area, low light decay and 3-4 times brighter than traditional fluorescent lights. The pins at two ends designed incorporate with the end part of the light body that is nice and elegant in looking. We have 3 kinds of cover available: high transparent cover, stripes cover, and milky cover 3 ones.

Installation of our LED Tubes:
1. Remove the old Tube.
2. Remove the old Tube Starter (It is a must.)
3. Remove the Electric Ballast.
4. Fix the new LED Tube.

Notices for using our LED Tubes:
1. Use the suitable Power Supply.
2. Make sure to turn off the switch before installation.
3. Reading our LED Tube Manual before installation.


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